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Director's message

People living in the Society who face social problem acquire mental fatigue and frustration. They eternally feel that they are not rescued and do not receive any assistants from the society what so ever. Our fundamental duty is to bring them in to the society by creating a social environment with necessary economic opportunities to accommodate such isolated people.

The target group of our field of activity includes male and female youth with disabilities, youth who have been drug addicted and who have been driven from the normal life to under go various problems and disable persons who require specialized equipment to live along with others in the society.

The Department of Social Services which is committed to the course of creating an independent life style for disabled persons as arrange to provide vocational training, equipment to engage in an occupation, referral to provide employment opportunities, artificial limbs, to provide Identity cards to ensure identity and safety of persons with impaired vision. In addition, it provides individual consultancy services to drug addicted persons, family consultancy services, and the public is made aware of these services which involves awareness program.

With the implementation of all these activities we certainly expect to uplift our target groups annually and to create opportunities to live as independent citizens.

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